The PVMA 2014 Awardees

The PVMA recognized the following colleagues who have contributed to the upliftment of the veterinary
profession in their chosen field of practice. The awards were given at the 81st PVMA Scientific
Conference and Annual Convention at Puerto Princesa City in Palawan.

L-R: Dr. Daniel C.
Ventura, Jr., Dr. Veronica A. Matawaran, Dr, Herman C. Cruz, Jr.-Outstanding Farm Veterinarian,
Dr. Noraine P. Medina-Outstanding Veterinarian in Education, Dr. Eugenio P. Mende-Outstanding Veterinarian
in Zootechnics, Animal Health and Nutrition , Dr. Ronello C. Abila-Distinguished Professional Service Award,
Dr. Rhodora S. Carlos-PVMA Lifetime Service Award, Dr. Corazon P. Occidental-Outstanding Veterinarian in
Agri-Business, Dr. Mary Rose B. Vincoy-Outstanding Veterinarian in Rural and Extension Service,
Col. Bernard B. Bernardo-Outstanding Veterinarian in Government Service, Dr. Eduardo B. Torres and
Dr. Pastor C. Tumaliuan, Jr. Dr. Carolyn Ann C. Benigno-Outstanding Overseas Filipino Veterinarian (not in photo)

Outstanding Farm Veterinarian

Throughout his career as farm veterinarian, Dr. Herman C. Cruz, Jr. has maintained
quality standards in implementing health and welfare of animals. He was part of a company and technical
group that first introduced contract growing, contract Pullet and contract breeding. He was member of the
Technical Working Group of the HPAI task force that was created at the height of the Avian Influenza problem
in Asia in 2004. During his incumbency as President of the PCPP, the association was recognized by the
World Veterinary Poultry Association.

Outstanding Veterinarian in Education

Dr. Noraine P. Medina is Associate Professor 5 and currently Department Chair,
Morphophysiology and Pharmacology at Central Luzon State University – College of Veterinary Science and Medicine

Her Appreciations to the value of education was reinforced within the family having
raised by a her mother who was an elementary school teacher and her father a College of Education professor.
Realizing that not all students learn in the same manner, she successfully complemented her class discussions with
instructional materials presented in different manner or format.

In her teaching philosophy, Dr Medina believes that the best teacher can mold her
students with strong academic foundation and fortifying spiritual thoughts not by just filling up the bucket
but lighting the fire in every student’s heart and mind.

Outstanding Veterinarian in Zootechnics, Animal Health and Nutrition

Dr. Eugenio P. Mende is a sought after speaker in the field of swine health and welfare
in view of his robust credentials and experiences. His research works focused on swine diseases specifically,
PRRS, Swine Influenza and Post-Weaning Multisystemic Wasting Syndrome virus. He has been granted a Patent Award for
the development of protein-extracted vaccine for PRRS that is commercially available in the United States.
He was former President of the Philippine Veterinary Drug Association and a past president of the PVMA.
He is currently Technical Services Manager at San Miguel Foods, Incorporated - Feeds and San Miguel Animal
Health Care

Outstanding Veterinarian in Agri-Business

Dr. Corazon P. Occidental started her career in 1983 as Business Development Manager in
a multinational company with product lines on animal health. Gaining experiences and building networks along the
way, she and her husband ventured into establishing Vethealth corporation. The company started in 1992 as
Vethealth Trading servicing the province of Bulacan. In 1994, Vethealth became the exclusive Philippine
distributor for Meriden Animal Health (UK) that also paved the way towards a gradual shift from just being a
provincial distributor for other companies operating in the Philippines to a company with its own exclusive
product lines. Thus in a span of about 6 years since it started, Vethealth eventually expanded to become among
the popular company Importers and nationwide distributor of veterinary drugs, feed additives and veterinary
specialties. As the company is now nationwide in coverage, it has its own local subsidiaries and employs, as a
group, 56 personnel.

Outstanding Veterinarian in Rural and Extension Service

Dr. Mary Rose B. Vincoy has done significant innovations at the Cebu Provincial
Veterinary Office since her appointment as Provincial Veterinarian in 2004. But she does not confine herself to
office routines rather she extends her services in helping communities beyond her roles as Provincial
Veterinarian. She renders personal time in extending help when needed in collaboration with non-government
organizations and other professional associations. She is successful in improving delivery of veterinary
services though extension activities with significant impact to farmers. Her invaluable commitment and support
to various livelihoods and industry projects are well recognized. Dr. Vincoy is also President of the
PVMA-Central Visayas Chapter.

Outstanding Veterinarian in Government Service

Col.Bernardo has been employee in the government service since February 1987. He is
member of the AFP Veterinary Corps and currently the Commanding Officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines
Veterinary Dispensary which is the only unit in the AFP that provides health services to AFP-owned animals
such as the military working dogs. Upon his assumption as Commanding Officer of the unit, Dr Bernardo applied for the accreditation and
licensure of the Veterinary Dispensary to be recognized to the category of surgical veterinary clinic or
hospital under the BAI. Further, he has complied and promoted provisions of the animal welfare act through
his initiatives in drafting Policies and Guidelines on Military Working Dogs.

Outstanding Overseas Filipino Veterinarian

Dr. Benigno is Animal Health Officer, Food and Agriculture Organization Regional
Office for Asia and the Pacific based in Bangkok, Thailand. Prior to joining the FAO, she worked at the
Bureau of Animal Industry, promoting campaigns on eradicating FMD in the country. Despite her overseas
assignment, she has continued her advocacy in improving status of animal health systems in the Philippines
and maintained active involvement to affairs of the association. Her engagement with the FAO contributes
immensely to the recognition of the competencies of the Filipino Veterinarian and renders inspirations in
expanding the societal roles of the veterinarian.

PVMA Distinguished Professional Service Award

Dr. Abila has wide experience in managing disease control programs. Prior to joining
the OIE, he handled various posts in the Philippines’ Bureau of Animal Industry as head of the Epidemiology
Section, National Veterinary Quarantine Services and Animal Health Division. He has been involved in the
development of the Philippine Animal Health Information System (Phil-AHIS), the eradication of FMD in the
Philippines, the drafting of HPAI prevention programme, and the setting-up of the Rabies Control Committee.

He joined the OIE in June 2004 as Regional Coordinator of SEAFMD Campaign. Thereon,
was assigned additional tasks to manage. At present, Dr. Ronello C. Abila is the Sub-Regional Representative
of the OIE Sub-Regional Representation for South East Asia based in Bangkok and also manages the OIE South
East Asia and China Foot and Mouth Disease (SEACFMD) Campaign. Moreover he supervises various programmes being
implemented by the OIE such as AusAID-funded Stop Transboundary Animal Disease and Zoonoses (STANDZ), EU
funded Highly Pathogenic Emerging Diseases (HPED), and USAID IDENTEFY - Emerging Pandemic Threats (EPT).

PVMA Lifetime Service Award

by virtue of BOARD RESOLUTION 2013-14-11, excerpts of which is as follows:

WHEREAS, the PVMA Board agreed to give special recognition to individual members that have sustained their services to the PVMA thereby elevating
standards in the veterinary profession and whose qualifications and deeds are beyond the criteria in any of
the standing awards category;

WHEREAS, the National Officers and Board of
Directors have unanimously approved giving a PVMA Lifetime Service Award to honor a deserving PVMA member
during the 81st PVMA Annual Convention and Scientific Conference;

NOW THEREFORE RESOLVED as it is hereby unanimously resolved that PVMA LIFETIME
SERVICE AWARD shall be bestowed to DR. RHODORA S. CARLOS in recognition of the following;

1. She demonstrates consistent dedication to the development and recognition of the
veterinary profession as well as that of the Association,

2. She actively participates in international conferences to promote the cause of the
profession and that of PVMA,

3. She is hailed as an outstanding veterinarian by various national professional and
scientific organizations,

4. Even with her remarkable status and reputation, she consults and respects the
leadership of the association,

5. She, despite her many accomplishments has remained humble, approachable and kept
close contact with even the newest colleagues.

Signed this 11th day of January, 2014 by the 2013-2014 National Officers
and Board of Directors during the 11th Regular Board Meeting held at The Legend Palawan
Hotel, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

The PVMA R-10 Chapter won the Gawad PVMA Exemplary Chapter of the Year Award.

The President of the PVMA R-10 Chapter is Dr. Luisa E. Quidlat, standing 3rd from left.


The specific objectives of the Award are to recognize the contributions of
chapters in:

building capacity and ensuring ethical and competent veterinarians;

encouraging best practices that improve the access to and quality of veterinary

elevating appreciations of the veterinarian and the veterinary profession by the
community through professional and socio-civic activities; and

fostering active involvement of veterinarians in protecting animals, safeguarding
public health and partnerships towards nation building;


The Award is conferred on PVMA R10 in recognition of their commitment and outstanding
efforts in championing the veterinarian and elevating standard of the veterinary profession.

The chapter and the PVMA National board will jointly implement a development project
with a support grant from the PVMA that is undertaken within the year following the granting of the award.